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Definitions and Synonyms of pereskia aculeata | Another word for pereskia aculeata | What is pereskia aculeata?

Definition 1: West Indian woody climber with spiny stems and numerous fragrant white flowers in panicles followed by small yellow to orange fruits - [noun denoting plant]

Synonyms for pereskia aculeata in the sense of this definition

(pereskia aculeata is a kind of ...) a plant with a weak stem that derives support from climbing, twining, or creeping along a surface

(pereskia aculeata is a part of ...) small yellow to orange fruit of the Barbados gooseberry cactus used in desserts and preserves and jellies

(... is a member of pereskia aculeata) genus of tropical American shrubby trees and woody climbers having slender branches with broad flat leaves and large panicles of flowers

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