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Definitions and Synonyms of pertain | Another word for pertain | What is pertain?

Definition 1: be a part or attribute of - [verb of stative]

Synonyms for pertain in the sense of this definition

(pertain is a kind of ...) be a part or adjunct

"the uniform looks like it belonged to a museum collection" "These pages don't belong"

Definition 2: be relevant to - [verb of stative]

Samples where pertain or its synonyms are used according to this definition

  • There were lots of questions referring to her talk
  • My remark pertained to your earlier comments

Synonyms for pertain in the sense of this definition

(... is a kind of pertain ) center upon

"Her entire attention centered on her children" "Our day revolved around our work"

(... is a kind of pertain ) be pertinent or relevant or applicable

"The same laws apply to you!" "This theory holds for all irrational numbers" "The same rules go for everyone"

(... is a kind of pertain ) connect closely and often incriminatingly

"This new ruling affects your business"

(... is a kind of pertain ) be of importance or consequence

"This matters to me!"

(pertain has a similar meaning as ...) make a more or less disguised reference to

"He alluded to the problem but did not mention it"

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