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Definition 1: order of fungi comprising the stinkhorns and related forms whose mature hymenium is slimy and fetid; sometimes placed in subclass Homobasidiomycetes - [noun denoting plant]

Synonyms for phallales in the sense of this definition

(phallales is a kind of ...) includes lichen genera

(phallales is a member of ...) a family of fungi belonging to the order Phallales and comprising the true stinkhorns

(phallales is a member of ...) any of various ill-smelling brown-capped fungi of the order Phallales

"the foul smell of the stinkhorn attracts insects that carry the spores away on their feet"

(phallales is a member of ...) a stinkhorn having a stalk without a cap; the slimy gleba is simply plastered on its surface near the apex where winged insects can find it

(phallales is a member of ...) family of fleshy fungi resembling stinkhorns

(... is a member of phallales) fungi in which the hymenium is enclosed until after spores have matured: puffballs; earth stars; stinkhorn fungi

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