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Definitions and Synonyms of phylum protozoa | Another word for phylum protozoa | What is phylum protozoa?

Definition 1: in some classifications considered a superphylum or a subkingdom; comprises flagellates; ciliates; sporozoans; amoebas; foraminifers - [noun denoting animal]

Synonyms for phylum protozoa in the sense of this definition

(phylum protozoa is a kind of ...) (biology) the major taxonomic group of animals and plants; contains classes

(phylum protozoa is a member of ...) any of diverse minute acellular or unicellular organisms usually nonphotosynthetic

(phylum protozoa is a member of ...) characterized by the formation of pseudopods for locomotion and taking food: Actinopoda; Rhizopoda

(phylum protozoa is a member of ...) class of protozoa having cilia or hairlike appendages on part or all of the surface during some part of the life cycle

(phylum protozoa is a member of ...) protozoa having flagella

(phylum protozoa is a member of ...) strictly parasitic protozoans that are usually immobile; includes plasmodia and coccidia and piroplasms and malaria parasites

(... is a member of phylum protozoa) in most modern classifications, replacement for the Protista; includes: Protozoa; Euglenophyta; Chlorophyta; Cryptophyta; Heterokontophyta; Rhodophyta; unicellular protists and their descendant multicellular organisms: regarded as distinct from plants and animals

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