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Definitions and Synonyms of plunk for | Another word for plunk for | What is plunk for?

Samples where plunk for or its synonyms are used according to this definition

  • He plumped for the Labor Party
  • I backed Kennedy in 1960

Synonyms for plunk for in the sense of this definition

(plunk for is a kind of ...) give sanction to

"I approve of his educational policies"

(... is a kind of plunk for ) stand behind and guarantee the quality, accuracy, or condition of

"The dealer warrants all the cars he sells" "I warrant this information"

(... is a kind of plunk for ) protect or fight for as a champion

(plunk for has a similar meaning as ...) give support or one's approval to

"I'll second that motion" "I can't back this plan" "endorse a new project"

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