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Definitions and Synonyms of polynesia | Another word for polynesia | What is polynesia?

Definition 1: the islands in the eastern part of Oceania - [noun denoting location]

(polynesia is an instance of ...) a group of many islands in a large body of water

(polynesia is a part of ...) a French overseas possession in the South Pacific

(polynesia is a part of ...) a group of volcanic and coral islands in the central Pacific

(polynesia is a part of ...) a monarchy on a Polynesian archipelago in the South Pacific; achieved independence from the United Kingdom in 1970

(polynesia is a part of ...) a group of volcanic islands in the South Pacific midway between Hawaii and Australia; its climate and scenery and Polynesian culture make it a popular tourist stop

(... is part of polynesia) a large group of islands in the south Pacific including Melanesia and Micronesia and Polynesia (and sometimes Australasia and the Malay Archipelago)

(polynesia is the region of the domain of ...) islands of central and South Pacific (Indonesia and Melanesia and Micronesia and Polynesia)

(polynesia is a member of ...) a native or inhabitant of Polynesia

(polynesia is the region of the domain of ...) an alcoholic drink made from the aromatic roots of the kava shrub

(polynesia is the region of the domain of ...) a prejudice (especially in Polynesia and other South Pacific islands) that prohibits the use or mention of something because of its sacred nature

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