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Definitions and Synonyms of presentment | Another word for presentment | What is presentment?

Definition 1: an accusation of crime made by a grand jury on its own initiative - [noun denoting act]

Synonyms for presentment in the sense of this definition

(presentment is a kind of ...) (law) the administration of justice according to established rules and principles; based on the principle that a person cannot be deprived of life or liberty or property without appropriate legal procedures and safeguards

(presentment belongs to category ...) the collection of rules imposed by authority

"civilization presupposes respect for the law" "the great problem for jurisprudence to allow freedom while enforcing order"

Definition 2: a show or display; the act of presenting something to sight or view - [noun denoting act]

Samples where presentment or its synonyms are used according to this definition

  • the presentation of new data
  • he gave the customer a demonstration

Synonyms for presentment in the sense of this definition

(presentment is a kind of ...) the act of publicly exhibiting or entertaining

"a remarkable show of skill"

(... is a kind of presentment ) the act of exhibiting

"a remarkable exhibition of musicianship"

(... is a kind of presentment ) presentation to view in an open or public manner

"the exposure of his anger was shocking"

(... is a kind of presentment ) the act of presenting a play or a piece of music or other entertainment

"we congratulated him on his performance at the rehearsal" "an inspired performance of Mozart's C minor concerto"

(... is a kind of presentment ) presentation of an example of what the lecturer is discoursing about

(... is a kind of presentment ) a demonstration held in opposition to another demonstration

"supporters of the president organized a counterdemonstration in his support"

Definition 3: a document that must be accepted and paid by another person - [noun denoting communication]

(presentment is a kind of ...) request for payment of a debt

"they submitted their charges at the end of each month"

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