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Definitions and Synonyms of prince's-feather | Another word for prince's-feather | What is prince's-feather?

Definition 1: annual with broadly ovate leaves and slender drooping spikes of crimson flowers; southeastern Asia and Australia; naturalized in North America - [noun denoting plant]

(prince's-feather is a kind of ...) low-growing woody shrub or perennial with woody base

(... is a member of prince's-feather) diverse genus of herbs or woody subshrubs of north temperate regions

Definition 2: tall showy tropical American annual having hairy stems and long spikes of usually red flowers above leaves deeply flushed with purple; seeds often used as cereal - [noun denoting plant]

(prince's-feather is a kind of ...) any of various plants of the genus Amaranthus having dense plumes of green or red flowers; often cultivated for food

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