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Definition 1: any of diverse minute acellular or unicellular organisms usually nonphotosynthetic - [noun denoting animal]

Synonyms for protozoon in the sense of this definition

(protozoon is a kind of ...) any of the unicellular protists

(... is a kind of protozoon ) parasitic spore-forming protozoan

(... is a kind of protozoon ) unicellular organisms having many characteristics of typical algae

(... is a kind of protozoon ) a usually nonphotosynthetic free-living protozoan with whiplike appendages; some are pathogens of humans and other animals

(... is a kind of protozoon ) minute single-celled green freshwater organism having a single flagella; often classed as algae

(... is a kind of protozoon ) a protozoan with a microscopic appendage extending from the surface of the cell

(... is a kind of protozoon ) a protozoan with an ovoid shell of cemented sand grains

(... is a kind of protozoon ) an amoeba-like protozoan with a chitinous shell resembling an umbrella

(... is a kind of protozoon ) protozoa characterized by a pseudopod

(... is a kind of protozoon ) protozoa that move and capture food by forming pseudopods

(protozoon is a part of ...) mouth of a protozoan

(... is a member of protozoon) in some classifications considered a superphylum or a subkingdom; comprises flagellates; ciliates; sporozoans; amoebas; foraminifers

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