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Definitions and Synonyms of questionable | Another word for questionable | What is questionable?

Definition 1: subject to question - [adjective denoting all]

Samples where questionable or its synonyms are used according to this definition

  • questionable motives
  • a questionable reputation
  • a fire of questionable origin

(questionable is similar to ...) doubtful or suspect

"these so-called experts are no help"

(questionable is similar to ...) being of questionable authenticity

(questionable is similar to ...) open to doubt or debate

"If you ever get married, which seems to be extremely problematic"

(questionable is similar to ...) open to doubt or suspicion

"the candidate's doubtful past" "he has a dubious record indeed" "what one found uncertain the other found dubious or downright false" "it was more than dubitable whether the friend was as influential as she thought"

(questionable is similar to ...) open to question

"aliens of equivocal loyalty" "his conscience reproached him with the equivocal character of the union into which he had forced his son"

(questionable is similar to ...) not as expected

"there was something fishy about the accident" "up to some funny business" "some definitely queer goings-on" "a shady deal" "her motives were suspect" "suspicious behavior"

(questionable is similar to ...) subject to being discredited

(questionable is similar to ...) as claimed by and for yourself often without justification

"the self-styled `doctor' has no degree of any kind"

(means also ...) capable of being contested

Definition 2: able to be refuted - [adjective satellite denoting all]

Synonyms for questionable in the sense of this definition

(questionable is similar to ...) capable of being denied or contradicted

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