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Definitions and Synonyms of radioisotope | Another word for radioisotope | What is radioisotope?

Definition 1: a radioactive isotope of an element; produced either naturally or artificially - [noun denoting substance]

(radioisotope is a kind of ...) one of two or more atoms with the same atomic number but with different numbers of neutrons

(... is a kind of radioisotope ) (radiology) any radioactive isotope introduced into the body to study metabolism or other biological processes

(... is a kind of radioisotope ) a radioactive isotope that is used in a compound in order to trace the mechanism of a chemical reaction

(... is a kind of radioisotope ) heavy radioactive isotope of iodine with a half-life of 8 days; used in a sodium salt to diagnose thyroid disease and to treat goiter

(... is a kind of radioisotope ) light radioactive isotope of iodine with a half-life of 60 days; used as a tracer in thyroid studies and as a treatment for hyperthyroidism

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