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Definitions and Synonyms of repute | Another word for repute | What is repute?

Definition 1: the state of being held in high esteem and honor - [noun denoting state]

Synonyms for repute in the sense of this definition

(repute is a kind of ...) the state of being honored

(... is a kind of repute ) a bad reputation

"his behavior gave the whole family a black eye"

(... is a kind of repute ) the reputation and popularity a person has

"his stock was so high he could have been elected mayor"

(... is a kind of repute ) good repute

"he is a man of character"

(... is a kind of repute ) a person's reputation

"he wanted to protect his good name"

(... is a kind of repute ) favorable public reputation

(... are attributes of repute) having a good reputation

"a reputable business" "a reputable scientist" "a reputable wine"

(... are attributes of repute) lacking respectability in character or behavior or appearance

Definition 2: look on as or consider - [verb of cognition]

Samples where repute or its synonyms are used according to this definition

  • she looked on this affair as a joke
  • He thinks of himself as a brilliant musician
  • He is reputed to be intelligent

Synonyms for repute in the sense of this definition

(repute is a kind of ...) judge or regard; look upon; judge

"I think he is very smart" "I believe her to be very smart" "I think that he is her boyfriend" "The racist conceives such people to be inferior"

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