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Definitions and Synonyms of restrainer | Another word for restrainer | What is restrainer?

Definition 1: a person who directs and restrains - [noun denoting person]

Synonyms for restrainer in the sense of this definition

(restrainer is a kind of ...) a human being

"there was too much for one person to do"

(... is a kind of restrainer ) derogatory term for a person who is fanatically dedicated to, or seeks to control, some activity, practice, etc.

(... is a kind of restrainer ) someone who overcomes and establishes ascendancy and control by force or persuasion

(... is a kind of restrainer ) someone who suppresses

"dictators are suppressors of free speech"

(... is a kind of restrainer ) a person who restrains or checks or holds back

Definition 2: a chemical that is added to a photographic developer in order to retard development and reduce the amount of fog on a film - [noun denoting substance]

(restrainer is a kind of ...) material produced by or used in a reaction involving changes in atoms or molecules

(... is a kind of restrainer ) a white crystalline salt (KBr) used as a sedative and in photography

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