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Definitions and Synonyms of rhizobiaceae | Another word for rhizobiaceae | What is rhizobiaceae?

Definition 1: a small family of rod-shaped bacteria - [noun denoting animal]

Synonyms for rhizobiaceae in the sense of this definition

(rhizobiaceae is a kind of ...) a family of bacteria

(rhizobiaceae is a member of ...) the type genus of Rhizobiaceae; usually occur in the root nodules of legumes; can fix atmospheric oxygen

(rhizobiaceae is a member of ...) small motile bacterial rods that can reduce nitrates and cause galls on plant stems

(... is a member of rhizobiaceae) one of two usually recognized orders of true bacteria; Gram-positive spherical or rod-shaped forms; some are motile; in some classifications considered an order of Schizomycetes

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