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Definitions and Synonyms of rhythmical | Another word for rhythmical | What is rhythmical?

Definition 1: recurring with measured regularity - [adjective denoting all]

Samples where rhythmical or its synonyms are used according to this definition

  • the rhythmic chiming of church bells
  • rhythmical prose

Synonyms for rhythmical in the sense of this definition

(rhythmical is similar to ...) pounding or beating strongly or violently

"a throbbing pain" "the throbbing engine of the boat"

(rhythmical is similar to ...) stressing a normally weak beat

(rhythmical is similar to ...) uttered in a monotonous cadence or rhythm as in chanting

"their chantlike intoned prayers" "a singsong manner of speaking"

(rhythmical is similar to ...) a meter used by Sappho and named after her

(rhythmical is similar to ...) the rhythmic arrangement of syllables

(rhythmical is similar to ...) characterized by a buoyant rhythm

"an easy lilting stride" "the flute broke into a light lilting air" "a swinging pace" "a graceful swingy walk" "a tripping singing measure"

(rhythmical is similar to ...) resembling jazz (especially in its rhythm)

(rhythmical is similar to ...) suitable for dancing

(rhythmical is similar to ...) marked by a rhythmical cadence

"the cadenced crunch of marching feet"

(rhythmical is similar to ...) having a rhythm consisting of a dactyl followed by a spondee or a trochee

"the verse of the laments is Adonic"

(means also ...) in accordance with fixed order or procedure or principle

"his regular calls on his customers" "regular meals" "regular duties"

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