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Definitions and Synonyms of ring-stalked fungus | Another word for ring-stalked fungus | What is ring-stalked fungus?

Definition 1: genus of gill fungi with brown spores that is closely related to Agaricus; here placed in its own family Strophariaceae - [noun denoting plant]

Synonyms for ring-stalked fungus in the sense of this definition

(ring-stalked fungus is a kind of ...) includes lichen genera

(ring-stalked fungus is a member of ...) a gilled fungus with a long stalk and a yellow slimy cap from which fragments of the broken veil hang; gills are initially white but become dark brown as spores are released

(ring-stalked fungus is a member of ...) a gilled fungus with a large slimy purple or olive cap; gills become purple with age; the stalk is long and richly decorated with pieces of the white sheath that extends up to a ring

(ring-stalked fungus is a member of ...) a large gilled fungus with a broad cap and a long stalk; the cap is dark brown; the white gills turn dark purplish brown with age; edible and choice

(... is a member of ring-stalked fungus) sometimes included in family Agaricaceae

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