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Definitions and Synonyms of sanctify | Another word for sanctify | What is sanctify?

Definition 1: make pure or free from sin or guilt - [verb of change]

Samples where sanctify or its synonyms are used according to this definition

  • he left the monastery purified

Synonyms for sanctify in the sense of this definition

(sanctify is a kind of ...) cause to change; make different; cause a transformation

"The advent of the automobile may have altered the growth pattern of the city" "The discussion has changed my thinking about the issue"

(... is a kind of sanctify ) purify from the corrupting influences of the world

"During his stay at the ashram he was spiritualized"

(... is a kind of sanctify ) purify by means of a ritual; also used in post-Communist countries to refer to the political cleansing of former officials

Definition 2: render holy by means of religious rites - [verb of communication]

Synonyms for sanctify in the sense of this definition

(sanctify is a kind of ...) state emphatically and authoritatively

"He declared that he needed more money to carry out the task he was charged with"

(... is a kind of sanctify ) consecrate anew, as after a desecration

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