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Definitions and Synonyms of saxifrage | Another word for saxifrage | What is saxifrage?

Definition 1: any of various plants of the genus Saxifraga - [noun denoting plant]

Synonyms for saxifrage in the sense of this definition

(saxifrage is a kind of ...) a plant lacking a permanent woody stem; many are flowering garden plants or potherbs; some having medicinal properties; some are pests

(... is a kind of saxifrage ) tufted evergreen perennial having ciliate leaves and yellow corymbose flowers often spotted orange

(... is a kind of saxifrage ) rosette-forming perennial having compact panicles of white flowers; Europe

(... is a kind of saxifrage ) tufted or mat-forming perennial of mountains of Europe; cultivated for its white flowers

(... is a kind of saxifrage ) saxifrage having loose clusters of white flowers on hairy stems growing from a cluster of basal leaves; moist slopes of western North America

(... is a kind of saxifrage ) plants forming dense cushions with bright reddish-lavender flowers; rocky areas of Europe and Asia and western North America

(... is a kind of saxifrage ) small often mat-forming alpine plant having small starlike white flowers; Europe

(... is a kind of saxifrage ) eastern Asiatic saxifrage with racemes of small red-and-white flowers; spreads by numerous creeping stolons

(... is a member of saxifrage) type genus of the Saxifragaceae; large genus of usually perennial herbs of Arctic and cool regions of northern hemisphere: saxifrage

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