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Definitions and Synonyms of spearhead | Another word for spearhead | What is spearhead?

Definition 1: the head and sharpened point of a spear - [noun denoting artifact]

Synonyms for spearhead in the sense of this definition

(spearhead is a kind of ...) sharp end

"he stuck the point of the knife into a tree" "he broke the point of his pencil"

(... is part of spearhead) medieval weapon consisting of a spearhead attached to a long pole or pikestaff; superseded by the bayonet

(... is part of spearhead) a long pointed rod used as a tool or weapon

Definition 2: the leading military unit in an attack - [noun denoting group]

(spearhead is a kind of ...) a unit that is part of some military service

"he sent Caesar a force of six thousand men"

(spearhead belongs to category ...) the military forces of a nation

"their military is the largest in the region" "the military machine is the same one we faced in 1991 but now it is weaker"

Definition 3: someone who leads or initiates an activity (attack or campaign etc.) - [noun denoting person]

(spearhead is a kind of ...) a person who rules or guides or inspires others

Samples where spearhead or its synonyms are used according to this definition

  • She spearheaded the effort to find a cure for the disease

(spearhead is a kind of ...) be in charge of

"Who is heading this project?"

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