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Definitions and Synonyms of squirrelfish | Another word for squirrelfish | What is squirrelfish?

Definition 1: very small, brightly colored (especially red) nocturnal fishes of shallow waters or tropical reefs; they make sounds like a squirrel's bark - [noun denoting animal]

(squirrelfish is a kind of ...) a teleost fish with fins that are supported by sharp inflexible rays

(... is a kind of squirrelfish ) on reefs from Bermuda and Florida to northern South America

(... is a kind of squirrelfish ) a squirrelfish found from South Carolina to Bermuda and Gulf of Mexico

(... is a kind of squirrelfish ) bright red fish of West Indies and Bermuda

(... is a kind of squirrelfish ) the larger squirrelfishes

(... is a member of squirrelfish) squirrelfishes and soldierfishes

Definition 2: similar to sea bream; small spiny-finned fish found in bays along the southeastern coast of the United States - [noun denoting animal]

Synonyms for squirrelfish in the sense of this definition

(squirrelfish is a kind of ...) spiny-finned food fishes of warm waters having well-developed teeth

(... is a member of squirrelfish) a genus of Sparidae

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