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Definitions and Synonyms of stereophonic system | Another word for stereophonic system | What is stereophonic system?

Definition 1: reproducer in which two microphones feed two or more loudspeakers to give a three-dimensional effect to the sound - [noun denoting artifact]

Synonyms for stereophonic system in the sense of this definition

(stereophonic system is a kind of ...) an audio system that can reproduce and amplify signals to produce sound

(... is a kind of stereophonic system ) a portable stereo

(... is a kind of stereophonic system ) (trademark) a pocket-sized device used to play music files

(... is a kind of stereophonic system ) a stereophonic sound recording or reproducing system using four separate channels

(... is a kind of stereophonic system ) (trademark) a pocket-sized stereo system with light weight earphones

(stereophonic system is a part of ...) electronic equipment that increases strength of signals passing through it

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