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Definition 1: the act or process or arranging persons into classes or social strata - [noun denoting act]

(stratification is a kind of ...) the act of distributing things into classes or categories of the same type

Definition 2: the placing of seeds in damp sand or sawdust or peat moss in order to preserve them or promote germination - [noun denoting act]

(stratification is a kind of ...) the act of putting something in a certain place

Definition 3: a layered configuration - [noun denoting attribute]

(stratification is a kind of ...) any spatial attributes (especially as defined by outline)

"he could barely make out their shapes"

Definition 4: forming or depositing in layers - [noun denoting process]

(stratification is a kind of ...) (geology) a natural process whereby geological features are modified

(... is a kind of stratification ) (geology) the arrangement of leaflike layers in a rock

Definition 5: the condition of being arranged in social strata or classes within a group - [noun denoting state]

Synonyms for stratification in the sense of this definition

(stratification is a kind of ...) a mode of being or form of existence of a person or thing

"the human condition"

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