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Definitions and Synonyms of subvention | Another word for subvention | What is subvention?

Definition 1: the act or process of providing aid or help of any sort - [noun denoting act]

(subvention is a kind of ...) the activity of supplying or providing something

Definition 2: grant of financial aid as from a government to an educational institution - [noun denoting possession]

(subvention is a kind of ...) a grant paid by a government to an enterprise that benefits the public

"a subsidy for research in artificial intelligence"

Definition 3: guarantee financial support of - [verb of communication]

Samples where subvention or its synonyms are used according to this definition

  • The opera tour was subvented by a bank

Synonyms for subvention in the sense of this definition

(subvention is a kind of ...) promise to do or accomplish

"guarantee to free the prisoners"

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