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Definitions and Synonyms of sulphur | Another word for sulphur | What is sulphur?

Definition 1: an abundant tasteless odorless multivalent nonmetallic element; best known in yellow crystals; occurs in many sulphide and sulphate minerals and even in native form (especially in volcanic regions) - [noun denoting substance]

Synonyms for sulphur in the sense of this definition

(sulphur is a kind of ...) any of the more than 100 known substances (of which 92 occur naturally) that cannot be separated into simpler substances and that singly or in combination constitute all matter

(... is a kind of sulphur ) an old name for sulfur

(... is made of the substance sulphur) a compound of sulphur and some other element that is more electropositive

(... is made of the substance sulphur) (H2SO4) a highly corrosive acid made from sulfur dioxide; widely used in the chemical industry

Definition 2: treat with sulphur in order to preserve - [verb of change]

Samples where sulphur or its synonyms are used according to this definition

  • These dried fruits are sulphured

Synonyms for sulphur in the sense of this definition

(sulphur is a kind of ...) subject to a process or treatment, with the aim of readying for some purpose, improving, or remedying a condition

"process cheese" "process hair" "treat the water so it can be drunk" "treat the lawn with chemicals" "treat an oil spill"

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