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Definitions and Synonyms of teal | Another word for teal | What is teal?

Definition 1: any of various small short-necked dabbling river ducks of Europe and America - [noun denoting animal]

(teal is a kind of ...) small wild or domesticated web-footed broad-billed swimming bird usually having a depressed body and short legs

(... is a kind of teal ) common teal of Eurasia and North America

(... is a kind of teal ) American teal

(... is a kind of teal ) small Eurasian teal

(... is a member of teal) type genus of the Anatidae: freshwater ducks

Definition 2: a blue-green color or pigment - [noun denoting attribute]

Samples where teal or its synonyms are used according to this definition

  • they painted it a light shade of bluish green

Synonyms for teal in the sense of this definition

(teal is a kind of ...) green color or pigment; resembling the color of growing grass

(... is a kind of teal ) a primary subtractive color for light; has a blue-green color

Definition 3: of a bluish shade of green - [adjective satellite denoting all]

Synonyms for teal in the sense of this definition

(teal is similar to ...) being or having or characterized by hue

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