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Definitions and Synonyms of tearing | Another word for tearing | What is tearing?

Definition 1: shedding tears - [noun denoting process]

Synonyms for tearing in the sense of this definition

(tearing is a kind of ...) an organic process that takes place in the body

"respiratory activity"

Definition 2: marked by extreme intensity of emotions or convictions; inclined to react violently; fervid - [adjective satellite denoting all]

Samples where tearing or its synonyms are used according to this definition

  • fierce loyalty
  • in a tearing rage
  • vehement dislike
  • violent passions

Synonyms for tearing in the sense of this definition

(tearing is similar to ...) possessing or displaying a distinctive feature to a heightened degree

"intense heat" "intense anxiety" "intense desire" "intense emotion" "the skunk's intense acrid odor" "intense pain" "enemy fire was intense"

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