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Definition 1: a stage in a theater on which actors can perform - [noun denoting artifact]

Synonyms for theatre stage in the sense of this definition

(theatre stage is a kind of ...) a large platform on which people can stand and can be seen by an audience

"he clambered up onto the stage and got the actors to help him into the box"

(... is a kind of theatre stage ) (used in the plural) the stage of a theater

"most actors love to stride the boards"

(... is a kind of theatre stage ) a theater stage that extends out into the audience's part of a theater and has seats on three sides

(theatre stage is a part of ...) the front half of the stage (as seen from the audience)

(theatre stage is a part of ...) the wall that separates the stage from the auditorium in a modern theater

(theatre stage is a part of ...) the part of a modern theater stage between the curtain and the orchestra (i.e., in front of the curtain)

(theatre stage is a part of ...) a hanging cloth that conceals the stage from the view of the audience; rises or parts at the beginning and descends or closes between acts and at the end of a performance

(... is part of theatre stage) a building where theatrical performances or motion-picture shows can be presented

"the house was full"

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