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Definitions and Synonyms of thymus gland | Another word for thymus gland | What is thymus gland?

Definition 1: a ductless glandular organ at the base of the neck that produces lymphocytes and aids in producing immunity; atrophies with age - [noun denoting body]

Synonyms for thymus gland in the sense of this definition

(thymus gland is a kind of ...) any of the glands of the endocrine system that secrete hormones directly into the bloodstream

(... is part of thymus gland) a system (including the thymus and bone marrow and lymphoid tissues) that protects the body from foreign substances and pathogenic organisms by producing the immune response

(... is part of thymus gland) the part of an organism (human or animal) that connects the head to the rest of the body

"he admired her long graceful neck" "the horse won by a neck"

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