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Definitions and Synonyms of toreador | Another word for toreador | What is toreador?

Definition 1: someone who fights bulls - [noun denoting person]

Synonyms for toreador in the sense of this definition

(toreador is a kind of ...) a human being

"there was too much for one person to do"

(... is a kind of toreador ) the bullfighter who implants decorated darts (banderillas) into the neck or shoulders of the bull during a bull fight

(... is a kind of toreador ) the principal bullfighter who is appointed to make the final passes and kill the bull

(... is a kind of toreador ) a bullfighter who is required to fight bulls less than four years of age

(... is a kind of toreador ) the horseman who pricks the bull with a lance early in the bullfight to goad the bull and to make it keep its head low

(... is a kind of toreador ) a matador or one of the supporting team during a bull fight

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