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Definitions and Synonyms of tucker out | Another word for tucker out | What is tucker out?

Definition 1: wear out completely - [verb of body]

Samples where tucker out or its synonyms are used according to this definition

  • This kind of work exhausts me
  • I'm beat
  • He was all washed up after the exam

Synonyms for tucker out in the sense of this definition

(tucker out is a kind of ...) exhaust or get tired through overuse or great strain or stress

"We wore ourselves out on this hike"

(... is a kind of tucker out ) exhaust physically or emotionally

"She was frazzled after the visit of her in-laws"

(... is a kind of tucker out ) exhaust by allowing to pull on the line

"play a hooked fish"

(... is a kind of tucker out ) tire out completely

"The daily stress of her work is killing her"

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