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Definition 1: New World flycatchers; antbirds; oven birds; woodhewers - [noun denoting animal]

Synonyms for tyranni in the sense of this definition

(tyranni is a kind of ...) the order of animals

(tyranni is a member of ...) a passerine bird of the suborder Tyranni

(tyranni is a member of ...) New World tyrant flycatchers most numerous in Central America and South America but also in the United States and Canada

(tyranni is a member of ...) manakins

(tyranni is a member of ...) e.g. ovenbirds

(tyranni is a member of ...) antbirds

(tyranni is a member of ...) woodhewers or woodcreepers

(... is a member of tyranni) largest order of birds comprising about half the known species; rooks; finches; sparrows; tits; warblers; robins; wrens; swallows; etc.; the four suborders are Eurylaimi and Tyranni and Menurae and Oscines or Passeres

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