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Definitions and Synonyms of umbellales | Another word for umbellales | What is umbellales?

Definition 1: plants having umbels or corymbs of uniovulate flowers; includes the Umbelliferae (chiefly herbs) and Cornaceae (chiefly trees or shrubs) - [noun denoting plant]

Synonyms for umbellales in the sense of this definition

(umbellales is a kind of ...) the order of plants

(umbellales is a member of ...) mostly tropical trees and shrubs and lianas: genera Panax and Hedera

(umbellales is a member of ...) plants having flowers in umbels: parsley; carrot; anise; caraway; celery; dill

(umbellales is a member of ...) a rosid dicot family of the order Umbellales including: genera Aucuba, Cornus, Corokia, Curtisia, Griselinia, Helwingia

(... is a member of umbellales) a group of trees and shrubs and herbs mostly with polypetalous flowers; contains 108 families including Rosaceae; Crassulaceae; Myrtaceae; Melastomaceae; Euphorbiaceae; Umbelliferae

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