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Definitions and Synonyms of unaltered | Another word for unaltered | What is unaltered?

Definition 1: remaining in an original state - [adjective denoting all]

Samples where unaltered or its synonyms are used according to this definition

  • persisting unaltered through time

Synonyms for unaltered in the sense of this definition

(unaltered is similar to ...) unaffected by time

"few characters are so dateless as Hamlet" "Helen's timeless beauty"

(unaltered is similar to ...) being in the original position; not having been moved

"the archeologists could date the vase because it was in situ" "an in-situ investigator"

(unaltered is similar to ...) not changed by editing

(unaltered is similar to ...) not altered by reduction

(unaltered is similar to ...) not improved or brought up to date

"the book is still unrevised"

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