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Definitions and Synonyms of uninhabited | Another word for uninhabited | What is uninhabited?

Definition 1: not having inhabitants; not lived in - [adjective denoting all]

Samples where uninhabited or its synonyms are used according to this definition

  • an uninhabited island
  • gaping doors of uninhabited houses

(uninhabited is similar to ...) forsaken by owner or inhabitants

"weed-grown yard of an abandoned farmhouse"

(uninhabited is similar to ...) having lost inhabitants as by war or disease

"the 15th century plagues left vast areas of Europe depopulated"

(uninhabited is similar to ...) not leased to or occupied by a tenant

"an unoccupied apartment" "very little unclaimed and untenanted land"

(uninhabited is similar to ...) with no people living there

"vast unpopulated plains"

(uninhabited is similar to ...) devoid of creatures

"a lonely crossroads" "a solitary retreat" "a trail leading to an unfrequented lake"

(uninhabited is similar to ...) not yet settled

"unsettled territory"

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