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Definitions and Synonyms of urodella | Another word for urodella | What is urodella?

Definition 1: salamanders; newts; congo snakes - [noun denoting animal]

Synonyms for urodella in the sense of this definition

(urodella is a kind of ...) the order of animals

(urodella is a member of ...) congo snakes

(urodella is a member of ...) small mostly terrestrial New World salamanders having neither lungs nor gills as adults

(urodella is a member of ...) large and small highly aquatic salamanders

(urodella is a member of ...) mud puppies

(urodella is a member of ...) large aquatic salamanders: hellbenders; giant salamanders

(urodella is a member of ...) New World salamanders

(urodella is a member of ...) salamanders

(urodella is a member of ...) amphibians that resemble lizards

(urodella is a member of ...) sirens

(... is a member of urodella) the class of vertebrates that live on land but breed in water; frogs; toads; newts; salamanders; caecilians

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