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Definitions and Synonyms of washstand | Another word for washstand | What is washstand?

Definition 1: furniture consisting of a table or stand to hold a basin and pitcher of water for washing: `wash-hand stand' is a British term - [noun denoting artifact]

Synonyms for washstand in the sense of this definition

(washstand is a kind of ...) furnishings that make a room or other area ready for occupancy

"they had too much furniture for the small apartment" "there was only one piece of furniture in the room"

Definition 2: a bathroom sink that is permanently installed and connected to a water supply and drainpipe; where you can wash your hands and face - [noun denoting artifact]

Samples where washstand or its synonyms are used according to this definition

  • he ran some water in the basin and splashed it on his face

Synonyms for washstand in the sense of this definition

(washstand is a kind of ...) plumbing fixture consisting of a water basin fixed to a wall or floor and having a drainpipe

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