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Definitions and Synonyms of wax myrtle | Another word for wax myrtle | What is wax myrtle?

Definition 1: any shrub or small tree of the genus Myrica with aromatic foliage and small wax-coated berries - [noun denoting plant]

(wax myrtle is a kind of ...) a low woody perennial plant usually having several major stems

(... is a kind of wax myrtle ) evergreen aromatic shrubby tree of southeastern United States having small hard berries thickly coated with white wax used for candles

(... is a kind of wax myrtle ) deciduous aromatic shrub of eastern North America with grey-green wax-coated berries

(... is a member of wax myrtle) deciduous aromatic shrubs or small trees

(wax myrtle is made of the substance ...) a fragrant green wax obtained from the wax myrtle and used in making candles

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