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Definition 1: finch-like African and Asian colonial birds noted for their elaborately woven nests - [noun denoting animal]

Synonyms for weaver in the sense of this definition

(weaver is a kind of ...) passerine bird having specialized vocal apparatus

(... is a kind of weaver ) common Indian weaverbird

(... is a kind of weaver ) mostly black African weaverbird

(... is a kind of weaver ) small finch-like Indonesian weaverbird that frequents rice fields

(... is a kind of weaver ) red Asian weaverbirds often kept as cage birds

(... is a kind of weaver ) usually brightly-colored Australian weaverbirds; often kept as cage birds

(... is a member of weaver) weaverbirds

Definition 2: a craftsman who weaves cloth - [noun denoting person]

(weaver is a kind of ...) a skilled worker who practices some trade or handicraft

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