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Definitions and Synonyms of welterweight | Another word for welterweight | What is welterweight?

Definition 1: a professional boxer who weighs between 141 and 147 pounds - [noun denoting person]

(welterweight is a kind of ...) a professional boxer

Definition 2: a wrestler who weighs 154-172 pounds - [noun denoting person]

(welterweight is a kind of ...) combatant who tries to throw opponent to the ground

Definition 3: an amateur boxer who weighs no more than 148 pounds - [noun denoting person]

(welterweight is a kind of ...) someone who fights with his fists for sport

Definition 4: a weight of 28 pounds; sometimes imposed as a handicap in a horse race (such as a steeplechase) - [noun denoting quantity]

(welterweight is a kind of ...) a unit used to measure weight

"he placed two weights in the scale pan"

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