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Definitions and Synonyms of west african | Another word for west african | What is west african?

Definition 1: a group of languages spoken in the extreme western part of West Africa - [noun denoting communication]

(west african is a kind of ...) a family of African language spoken in west Africa

(... is a kind of west african ) a family of languages of the Fulani of West Africa and used as a lingua franca in the sub-Saharan regions from Senegal to Chad; the best known of the West African languages

(... is a kind of west african ) a West African language closely related to Fula; spoken primarily in Senegal and Gambia

(... is a kind of west african ) the West African language of the Wolof in Senegal; related to Fula

Definition 2: of or relating to the countries or cultures or people of West Africa - [adjective denoting pert]

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