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Definitions and Synonyms of whelm | Another word for whelm | What is whelm?

Definition 1: overcome, as with emotions or perceptual stimuli - [verb of emotion]

Synonyms for whelm in the sense of this definition

(whelm is a kind of ...) call forth (emotions, feelings, and responses)

"arouse pity" "raise a smile" "evoke sympathy"

(... is a kind of whelm ) overwhelm or overpower

"He was devastated by his grief when his son died"

(... is a kind of whelm ) affect

"Fear seized the prisoners" "The patient was seized with unbearable pains" "He was seized with a dreadful disease"

(... is a kind of whelm ) overwhelm with hilarity, pleasure, or admiration

"The comedian was so funny, he was killing me!"

(... is a kind of whelm ) overtake with darkness or night

(... is a kind of whelm ) overwhelm with admiration

"All the guys were knocked out by her charm"

(... is a kind of whelm ) astound or overwhelm, as with shock

"She was staggered with bills after she tried to rebuild her house following the earthquake"

(... is a kind of whelm ) hold fast (in a certain state)

"He was locked in a laughing fit"

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