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Definitions and Synonyms of wild pea | Another word for wild pea | What is wild pea?

Definition 1: any of various plants of the family Leguminosae that usually grow like vines - [noun denoting plant]

(wild pea is a kind of ...) an erect or climbing bean or pea plant of the family Leguminosae

(... is a kind of wild pea ) a weak-stemmed winter annual native to Mediterranean region for long established in southern United States; cultivated as a cover and pasture crop

(... is a kind of wild pea ) wild pea of seashores of north temperate zone having tough roots and purple flowers and useful as a sand binder

(... is a kind of wild pea ) scrambling perennial of damp or marshy areas of Eurasia and North America with purplish flowers

(... is a kind of wild pea ) scrambling perennial Eurasian wild pea having yellowish flowers and compressed seed pods; cultivated for forage

(... is a kind of wild pea ) shrubby California perennial having large pink or violet flowers; cultivated as an ornamental

(... is a kind of wild pea ) North African annual resembling the sweet pea having showy but odorless flowers

(... is a member of wild pea) a large family of trees, shrubs, vines, and herbs bearing bean pods; divided for convenience into the subfamilies Caesalpiniaceae; Mimosaceae; Papilionaceae

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