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Definition 1: a spill in some sport (as a fall from a bicycle or while skiing or being capsized on a surfboard) - [noun denoting act]

(wipeout is a kind of ...) a sudden drop from an upright position

"he had a nasty spill on the ice"

(wipeout belongs to category ...) an active diversion requiring physical exertion and competition

Definition 2: an event (or the result of an event) that completely destroys something - [noun denoting event]

Synonyms for wipeout in the sense of this definition

(wipeout is a kind of ...) event whose occurrence ends something

"his death marked the ending of an era" "when these final episodes are broadcast it will be the finish of the show"

(... is a kind of wipeout ) total destruction

"bomb tests resulted in the annihilation of the atoll"

(... is a kind of wipeout ) the complete destruction of every trace of something

(... is a kind of wipeout ) (usually plural) a destructive action

"the ravages of time" "the depredations of age and disease"

(... is a kind of wipeout ) the event of a structure being completely demolished and leveled

(... is a kind of wipeout ) an event that results in destruction

(... is a kind of wipeout ) the destruction or collapse of something

"wrack and ruin"

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