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Definition 1: a brown-to-yellow mineral that is a phosphate of yttrium in crystalline form - [noun denoting substance]

(xenotime is a kind of ...) solid homogeneous inorganic substances occurring in nature having a definite chemical composition

(xenotime is made of the substance ...) a soft silvery metallic element of the rare earth group; isotope 170 emits X-rays and is used in small portable X-ray machines; it occurs in monazite and apatite and xenotime

(xenotime is made of the substance ...) a soft silvery metallic element; a rare earth of the lanthanide series; it occurs in gadolinite and monazite and xenotime

(xenotime is made of the substance ...) a silvery metallic element that is common in rare-earth minerals; used in magnesium and aluminum alloys

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